Most Popular Virtual Cricket Betting Markets

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There are many markets for virtual cricket on FUN88 casino. You will be presented with these markets when you open the match centre for the specific game of your choice, whether it is an international or IPL contest. The odds are presented down the screen and you can simply select which one to choose based on your preference.

Here’s an overview of the most popular virtual cricket betting markets:

Match Winner

On this virtual cricket betting market, you select simply the winner of the match. There are three options to choose from: picking either side to win the contest or for it to end in draw – this is cricket after all. Odds will vary depending on the talent of the teams in question.

The software utilised has its own evaluations of the two teams involved in the match and the odds offered by the betting site will reflect that judgement. However, as in real-life action, there are no certainties and there can be value to be gained by backing the underdog with a bet on virtual cricket.

Total Match Boundaries

We all learned the importance of boundaries in cricket in the 2019 World Cup final when England defeated New Zealand on boundaries scored. The best virtual cricket betting sites will offer this market as an over/under for how many boundaries will be scored in the two-over spell of the entire match.

They will set a value that you can either choose to go over or under. For example, if they were to choose 4.5 boundaries, and you backed the over, you would win the bet if five or more boundaries were scored. On the other hand, if four boundaries or fewer were scored you would lose the selection.

Total Match Runs

This bet follows the same over/under principal as total match boundaries. The betting site will select a numerical value and you simply select whether you think more runs will be scored than that amount or fewer runs.

It’s always important to remember that the batsmen will only face six balls and wickets are usually taken, which means a dot ball.

Total Wickets Lost

On this bet you select the number of wickets you expect to fall in the entire match. The bookmaker selects a value and you either back the over or the under.

If you back the over and the number of wickets lost exceeds the value provided by the betting sites, you win the bet. However, if you back the under and more wickets are taken, you lose the bet.

First Method of Dismissal

This bet type requires you to select the first method of dismissal in an innings. There are many options such as caught, bowled, lbw, run out or even no wicket to fall.

You simply select the option you believe will occur and enter your stake. If the method matches up with your selection, then you win the bet.

Runs Off First Delivery

You will be presented with numerical values for how many runs will be scored off the first delivery on this virtual cricket betting market. This wager is an over/under and you will select out of several possibilities for the outcome, such as 0.5, 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5 runs.

If you back the over and more runs are scored than the numerical value you selected, you win the bet. However, if fewer runs are scored then the bet is lost. The principal is the same vice versa.

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