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Blackjack might not be the most difficult casino game to learn and play for sure. However, history has some great professional blackjack players who mastered the skill of playing blackjack and perfected it to a point of winning huge sums of money. Sounds interesting? Well, here is a list of the top 10 most successful blackjack players and the story behind them.

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The MIT Blackjack team and its success at card counting are written in golden words in the history of blackjack. No wonder, this team is among the most successful blackjack players’ group leading to one of the biggest blackjack wins. It is said that the team won more than $500,000 in one night, leaving casinos wondering at their tricky system.

In fact, the MIT blackjack team led by Bill Kaplan was on a winning spree throughout the 80s and 90s. The team comprised mostly MIT graduates and it was hard to extract any information out of them. The MIT blackjack team might not have been too successful today but they will remain popular for their magical wins at blackjack forever.


Kerry Packer is one of those professional blackjack players who are synonymous with some of the best blackjack plays. Back in 1995, he exhibited extraordinary talent by playing with 8 hands at numerous blackjack tables in the Las Vegas casinos. He took risky steps like placing a $250,000 bet per hand and winning 20 times successively. He was among the bravest gamblers the world ever produced.

In spite of being admirably successful at Blackjack, he could not make a fortune at baccarat. In fact, in baccarat, he lost more than £27.4 million in a course of 10 months. In the Las Vegas Hilton casino, Packer once won $7 million at blackjack and lost $10 million on another night, proving that success and failure go hand in hand in blackjack and life as a whole.


Ken Uston was an incredibly successful professional blackjack player, who was known for his excellent card counting tricks. Uston became acquainted with the card counting system after his chance meeting with AI Francesco at a party. Using his own skills as a mathematical strategist, he emerged to be a notorious card counter. He also authored quite a few books on card counting and the ways of beating the house edge.

Uston made some huge profits but was banned from playing in most casinos after a point in time. Notwithstanding, he devised means and disguised himself to enter casinos. He even challenged the ban and won. This blackjack pro died at the early age of 52.

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