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If you have been in the world of online sports betting for quite some time now, chances are you have heard of – or maybe even dabbled on – a betting exchange. Simply put, a betting exchange is a marketplace for bettors to wager against each other. It works the same as a typical sports betting setup, only that the element of the bookie is eliminated and replaced by fellow bettors.

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Betting exchanges work the same as a typical online sportsbook, only that the ones offering the odds are also punters, as those betting on it.

Matched Betting

Usually, sportsbooks offer bonuses all the time – from the initial sign-up to the first deposit, to random bonuses just to keep someone playing on their platform. This is vital for matched betting.

You start with a qualifying bet by making a back bet with your bookie and a lay bet on the exchange. You can find online odds matcher tools to give you the best combination of back and lay odds you can put together for the least margin of loss possible. This is called “acceptable loss.” You get free credits from your bookie account, and then you simply rinse and repeat the process.

Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting, also called arbing, is another one of the most common ways to profit from the use of betting exchanges. Simply put, arbing is the strategy of betting on ALL possible outcomes of a game.  This would be done through different bookies and exchanges, but with varied odds that will be the key to opening the potential for profit for this.

Value Betting

Value betting refers to a strategy in wagering wherein you find the best odds that put you at an advantage over a bookie. Another way to put is that a value bet is picking something that has a higher likelihood of happening than what the bookies say. When you do a value bet, you essentially look for a pick wherein the ratio of risk to the potential reward is in your favor.

Take note that these types of bets are not the same as betting systems. Progressive betting systems involve changing your bet amount based on whether you won or lose your previous wager. Matched betting, arbitrage betting, and value betting are all about making wagers with a massive edge against the house.


What makes wagering through a betting exchange better? There are several reasons, but one of the top reasons is that you can get the best value bets here. In betting exchanges, the odds are set by the punters themselves. This means that it can be as bad as it can get, or as good as you might want it to be.

You come to a different idea of the outcome and you wager against each other with odds you set so yourselves.

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