Teen Patti Hands

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To win a round of Teen Patti cash you need to have a better hand than the dealer. To determine which hand is better, there is sometime called Teen Patti hands, also known as Teen Patti sequence. It’s basically an order of the best hands you can get.

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Below you’ll find all Teen Patti hands that apply when you Teen Patti cash, from highest to lowest:

Straight Flush

 –  A straight flush is when 3 cards are placed in the same order of suits. The highest straight run is A-K-Q. The lowest straight run is the following ranking: 4,3,2.


– A trio is 3 cards that are in the same rank. 3 Aces is the highest. 3 twos are the lowest


– A straight is when 3 cards are in a row but in different suits. The highest-ranking is: A,K, Q. The lowest ranking is 4,3,2.


 – A colour or flush is 3 cards with the same colour. The cards do no need to form a sequence.


– A pair is 2 cards that are in a similar rank. The lowest pair is 2-2-3 and the highest is A-A-K.

High Card

– The high card ranking is used if you have 3 different cards and neither of the combinations above. Then the highest card is the one that counts.

Teen Patti Odds

Below you’ll find the probability and odds for each sequence in Teen Patti.

Straight Flush480.22%459.42:1
High Card1644074.39%4.90:1

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