Mega Wheel Strategy

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Even though Mega Wheel is a game of luck, some strategies may help you increase your chances of getting more payouts. Find some of these strategies below.

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Bet on all

As mentioned earlier, you can bet on all numbers at once. However, it is a high-risk, high-reward strategy. 

If you’re lucky to get a multiplier in your first few rounds, the payout will be higher than what you spent.

Bet on a single high number

Each bet costs the same amount, so you can keep betting on 40. If you’re lucky and the wheel stops on 40, you will get a huge payout. 

However, note that there’s only one number 40 on the wheel, which means it’s very difficult to get the number. Again, this strategy involves high risk and high reward. 

Bet on a single low number

With this strategy, you keep it safe. It’s the opposite of the first two strategies and it involves low risk and low reward. 

Simply bet on a low number, for example, number 1. The number “1” appears on the wheel 20 times, so the chances that you get it right are high. However, your payout will be low.

Bet on all low numbers

Our favourite numbers to bet on are 1, 2, and 5. Number 1 has 20 segments on the wheel, 2 has 12 segments, and 5 has 7 segments. 

So when you bet on 1, 2, and 5, you cover 40 out of the total 54 segments. This takes your chance of winning to 74.1% which is incredibly high. 

However, your payout on winning will be low. If you’re lucky to get a multiplier, you get a higher reward. 

Mega Wheel App 

There’s only one way to play Mega Wheel on an app, which is by installing a casino app on your device. First, you must search for a casino that has an app and offers the Mega Wheel game. 

For example, FUN88 offers Mega Wheel and it has a downloadable app for Android and iOS devices. You can download the app directly from the 10CRIC casino website. 

After downloading the app, launch it on your phone and play Mega Wheel on it. 

In Game Features

Pragmatic Play has added some cool in-game features to Mega Wheel to make it even more fun and engaging. One of the additions you’ll love is the chat feature which allows you to communicate with the host and other players. We tried the chat feature and found the live dealer very responsive and fun to chat with. 

Also, the game offers multiple angle 4K cameras. This gives you a closer view of all events happening in the game studio, making sure you do not miss anything. 

The “Bet on all” button is another feature. It allows you to bet faster on all numbers without having to select them one after the other. 

If you wish for a faster game, you can use the added Autoplay feature. This allows you to repeat the same bets for many rounds. You can also adjust the speed of the gameplay. 

Lastly, the game interface is available in different languages and more than 100 currencies. When we played Mega Wheel at FUN88, we were able to set the interface to Hindi and play in Indian rupees. 


Can I Play Mega Wheel for Free?

No, Mega Wheel by Pragmatic Play is a live dealer game and cannot be played for free.

Which is the Best Mega Wheel Casino in India?

Our personal choice is FUN88.

Is Mega Wheel a Game of Skill or Game of Luck?

Mega Wheel is a game of chance.

What is the RTP?

The average RTP in Mega Wheel is 96.51%. This is not the highest, not the lowest RTP for a wheel game.

What is the Maximum Win?

The maximum win in Mega Wheel is €500,000. That happens if you bet the highest bet of €1,000 on number 40 and number 40 gets multiplied by 500x. However, the chance of this happening is very small.

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