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Just like other casino games, such as FUN88, you can choose to play Teen Patti for real money or free. When you play for real money you will play with a live dealer. A great example of a real money game is Teen Patti Live by Ezugi.

If you want to play Teen Patti for free there are plenty of RNG versions. Here you are playing against a software that randomizes the card shuffling. A great example of such casino games are Teen Patti by Sunny Leone or Teen Patti Pro.

Teen Patti Variations

There are many different variations of Teen Patti you can play, even if they are very similar to each other.

In fact, there are an endless number of variations as one could easily twerk one rule and create a new game. That’s why you’ll find hundreds of them.

Here are some Teen Patti variations you can play:


Aces, Kings,4s and 7s are wild cards. If you get any of these cards, you can replace them for any other card to create a sequence. AK47 is played with 2-10 players.

4x Boot

When you play 4x Boot the ante bet is 4x bigger the normal ante bet. All other rules remain the same.


Each player is handed three cards. The hand closes to the number 9-9-9 wins. Each cards equals its face value, except for K, Q, J and 10, which equal 0.


555 it’s the same as 999. The only difference is that the winner is the player with a hand closest to 5-5-5.

High Wild

When you play High Wild, your lowest-value card is a joker card. This means that you can replace it with any card you wish.

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