Crazy Time Bonus Rounds

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One of the best features of Crazy Time are the available bonus rounds you can get from each spin. Crazy Time offers up to four bonus games for which you can win up to €500,000 from each. The bonus rounds appear on an average on every six spins. 

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Coin Flip

In this bonus game, there are two symbols, one is red and the other is blue. Both symbols are displayed on a big screen. At the beginning of the game, a random multiplier gets allocated to each side. The live host will then place a coin in the machine (the blue is on one side while the red is on the other side). 

The live host then presses a red button and the Flip-o-Matic machine flips the coin. The side of the coin with its face upwards is declared the winner. All those who participated in the game are rewarded with a cash win that equals the multiplier of the colour times each individual bet. 

If during the top slot, the coin flip gets multiplied, then the multipliers get multiplied with this number. 

Example: assume the top slot applies a 50x multiplier, and the blue symbol gets a multiplier of 10x. Then the blue symbols will then have a multiplier of 50 x 10 = 500x. If you bet ₹100 at the beginning of the game, you will then get ₹100 x 500 = ₹50,000.

When you participate in the coin flip, you are certain to have some wins from it. Just like you are from any other Crazy Time bonus game.

Cash Hunt

The Cash Hunt bonus consists of a shooting gallery which comprises a total of 108 random multipliers. All multipliers are covered by symbols and they are then mixed making it difficult for you to locate them. 

You will then have to try to get the largest multiplier from the variety of symbols shown on the large screen. In making your selection, you will have to aim with your finger or your mouse and select your chosen symbol. Every symbol will then be flipped and the multipliers will be shown. 

One of the best parts of this is each participating player gets a separate payout. If during the top slot, cash hunt was selected, then the multipliers will even be larger.

Cash Hunt is probably the fastest bonus game in Crazy Time.


The Pachinko bonus round is a large wall with pegs. At the top, the wall contains 16 different drop zones. The board randomly chooses where the puck should be dropped. The live host then drops the puck from one of the selected zones. 

The “Puck” travels down the wall while bouncing on pegs as it goes down. The puck will eventuellt land on one of the 16 landing zones. Each landing zone has a multiplier attached to it. It can be a number or a double. 

Pachinko can give you a multiplier up to 10,000x

If the puck lands on a double, the live host drops the puck again and the value of all the multipliers are doubled. This process repeats until a maximum multiplier of 10,000x has been reached or until the puck lands on a multiplier. If the puck lands on one of the numbers you win your bet times the selected multiplier. 

A rescue drop could get activated where the puck landed on a landing zone that contains a multiplier between 2x and 4x. On such an occurrence, the live host drops this puck into the wall once more. 

Crazy Time

This is the part of the game where you can make the most money! This is the reason there is only one segment of the main Crazy Time wheel which is labelled as Crazy Time. 

When this bonus kicks in the live host opens a red door where you get to see a large virtual Crazy Time wheel. This wheel contains up to 64 segments which comprises multipliers, double and triple symbols.

At the beginning of the round, you can select among one of the three coloured flappers at the top of the wheel. The flappers you can choose between are Blue, Green and Yellow. You make your selection by clicking with your mouse. Note that you only have 13 seconds to make your selection. 

You can get a multiplier up to 20,000x on Crazy Time

Once the Crazy Time wheel stops, you are rewarded with a prize based on the segment on which the flapper came to a stop. 

If your flapper stops on a double or a triple, all multipliers will increase by that value and the wheel will be spun once more. This goes on until the flapper lands on a multiplier. 

You can also get a multiplier max up to 20,000x. This happens when you have a combination of multiple doubles together with multiple triples.

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