Sweet Bonanza Candyland

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This guide contains everything you need to know about Sweet Bonanza Candyland by Pragmatic Play. Keep reading to learn how to play Sweet Bonanza Candyland and where to play.

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How to Play Sweet Bonanza Candyland

Playing Sweet Bonanza Candyland is pretty easy. It’s very similar to other popular game shows, such as Mega Wheel and Crazy Time.

The game consists of a colourful big money wheel with different numbers, some of which feature bonus games. All you need to do is predict which number the flapper will stop at after the wheel stops spinning. If your prediction is correct, you win the game round.

This is how you play Sweet Bonanza Candyland by Pragmatic Play:

Step 1: Place your bet

The money wheel has 54 segments, 9 of which are filled with bonus games and 45 of which have multipliers. 

You can place 6 different bets: 

  • 1 (multiplier)
  • 2 (multiplier)
  • 5 (multiplier)
  • Bubble Surprise (bonus game)
  • Candy Drop (bonus game)
  • Sweet Spins (bonus game)
  • Sugar Bomb (bonus game)

You will see the betting areas and amounts on your screen. To bet, simply click on any of the six betting options. The game gives you only 12 seconds to bet. 

There’s an autoplay feature as well. With this, you can set up the game to keep spinning at the same bet up to 100 times. 

Step 2: Enable the sugar bomb booster

This step is completely optional when you play Sweet Bonanza Candyland. 

If you choose to activate the sugar bomb booster, simply click on the “sugar bomb booster” icon at the bottom right corner.

The sugar bomb booster doubles the multiplier if the wheel stops on the Sugar Bomb bonus segment. 

Activating the sugar bomb booster comes with a price. It costs 25% of your bet amount. 

Step 3: Live host spins the wheel

The live host spins the wheel. You will then have to hope that the wheel stops spinning on a number you staked on. 

If the flapper points to your chosen number at the end of the spin, you win the round. Your bet will be multiplied by that number to give you a payout. 

If you bet on a bonus game and the wheel stops spinning on it, you will participate in that bonus.  

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