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Many Indians love to play Online Rummy. The game is fun and based on skill rather than luck. What’s more interesting is that Rummy is completely legal to play and there are plenty of variations of the game. 

In this guide, you will learn the basics of online rummy and the best sites to play Online Rummy for real money in India.

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Online Rummy Variations

There are many different variations of Online Rummy. You can find them below.

Points Rummy

Points Rummy is the simplest form of Online Rummy. Most players start from this variation before advancing to the more difficult variants of the game. In this variant, players decide the monetary value for each point before the game starts. The player who gets all the required sequence sets and finishes becomes the winner.

Pool Rummy

In this form of Rummy, players get to decide the exit criteria before the game starts. Once a player accumulates the decided number of points, that player has to leave the game. The game continues this way until only one person is left.

Raise Rummy

Raise Rummy is almost like Points Rummy but has only one difference. The monetary value decided for the points has to keep increasing to another pre-decided value. 

For example, a game may begin with a point value of 0.10 INR while the pre-decided highest increase is 0.20 INR. The value keeps increasing at different periods of the game until it gets to 0.20 INR.

Deals Rummy

This is also similar to Points Rummy. The only difference is that players decide the number of deals beforehand. For instance, if the players decide 4 deal rummy, the person with the highest points after 4 deals wins.

Paplu (Indian Rummy)

Paplu, also called Indian Rummy is a popular variant of the Rummy game. It is not only played in India but also being played in countries like the USA. It can be played with 13 cards or with 21 cards. Your objective in the game is to turn your cards into runs and sets.

Exclusive Rummy Bonuses

One of the benefits of playing Online Rummy is that you have the opportunity to get exclusive bonuses. You definitely cannot get these casino bonuses if you’re playing with your friends on the street.

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Play Virtual or Live Rummy

If you’ve been playing Rummy with friends in your street or at home, you must know how it feels. One good news about Online Rummy is that you can experience the same feeling in two ways: Virtual or Live.

Live Rummy

This is Online Rummy that is played on Live Dealer Casinos. It allows you to play Rummy with your friends even when you are at different locations. Each of you can be in your homes and connect with your devices. You will get a real human dealer to handle the dealing of the cards for you.

All you have to do is to get you and your friends registered on a live casino site. Then you choose a time to play and all log in to the site at the same time. The live streaming will be done in full HD and you get to compete with your friends from home.

Virtual Rummy

Even though Virtual Rummy is still played online, it is quite different from Live Rummy. It can also be played from home or on the go with your device and you will also have to register at a casino. But you will not be able to face your friends or real people, you have to face an animated environment. Also, there won’t be any real human dealer.

However, this does not take the fun and excitement away. Playing Virtual Rummy will also require the same skills and strategy. It is also safe and there’s no room for deception when you’re playing at licensed casinos. The software carries out the activity randomly and cannot be influenced by a human person.

Online Rummy Apps

Another beautiful feature of Online Rummy is that you can download casino apps on your phone and play the game on these apps. These apps have been designed to work with your Android and iOS devices and they give the same quality.

Indian online casino sites like FUN88 have dedicated apps for you to play Rummy. You can download their apps for free on Google PlayStore and the Apple Store.

However, you can still play on these sites and many other casino sites even without making a download. Most of the casinos make use of HTML technology to deliver their games on their sites. This makes it possible to play the games on mobile browsers, as well as on PCs without having to make any download.


Which Is the Best Site to Play Online Rummy?

There are many great Rummy sites to choose from. We have listed the best in this guide. BUt before you play for real money at any casino, always make sure it is licensed and safe.

Can I Play Rummy Online for Free?

Yes, you can. Some casinos allow you to play without making any deposit. But you can only play for fun and will not win any real money.

Is it Safe to Play Rummy Online?

Yes, it is safe to play Rummy online. Rummy is a game based more on skill than chance. The law in India does not prohibit playing games of skill. To stay safe, ensure you are playing at a licensed casino.

How Do I Cash Out my Winnings?

There are different deposit and withdrawal methods used on casino sites. Many of them make use of several withdrawal methods and wallets. Make sure you read about a casino site’s withdrawal methods before you stake.

Which is the Best Online Rummy App?

There are many Rummy apps available for downloads on the Google Playstore and Apple Store. Online sites like Ace2Three, RummyCulture, and RummyCircle have dedicated apps for Rummy.

What are the Different Variations of Rummy?

The most popular Rummy variants are Points Rummy, Raise Rummy, Deals Rummy, Paplu (Indian Rummy), and Pool Rummy.

Where Can I Play Online Rummy Without Registration?

Many casino sites will allow you to play Online Rummy without registration, such as FUN88. Visit the casinos and click on the play demo version.

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