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It’s not uncommon for fielding to be the deciding factor in a game’s outcome. Fielders have proven time and time again that cricket is much more than just batting and pitching a bat and a ball. A skilled fielder can completely alter the course of a game in the span of a few pitches.

A good fielder is seen as a dynamo in their own right. There is no doubt that they are gifted athletes with boundless energy.

It’s a visual treat when a fielder dives to finish a catch, accomplish a run-out, or something similar. The bowlers and the entire team benefit from having a competent fielder. When they flash in and stop cuts, drives, and other operations, they perform an excellent job of keeping a lid on the situation.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 greatest cricket fielders of all time. These fielders have raised the bar and established new standards for others in the position to follow. 

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The best cricket fielders to ever play the game

What is the technique behind a Doosra?

By locking the wrist and using the index and ring fingers instead of the customary index and middle fingers, the bowler moves the ball with the same wrist motion.

For a right-handed batsman, this causes the ball to turn in the opposite direction from that of an off break, from the leg side to the offside.

Doosra should be pitched on the center and off stump lines to increase its viability because, if a right-hander is facing the ball, the ball will move away from the batsman after being thrown.

A skilled Doosra bowler will frequently give a ball some flight to encourage a batsman to step out of the wrinkle.

The batter thinks the ball might be a standard off-spin and steps out of the safety of the crease, losing his wicket to stumping or simply overlooks to edge it to a defender inside the 30-yard circle.

Is it legal to bowl a Doosra? 

This delivery cannot be bowled with a straight arm, so there is always a controversy revolving around it.

The delivery was prohibited from being bowled by some bowlers, including Muttiah Muralitharan, Harbhajan Singh, Saeed Ajmal, Johan Botha and Shoaib Malik.

All because the ICC ruled that their bowling actions were not legal.

A bowler may only bend their arm at the elbow joint by a maximum of 15 degrees while bowling, per cricket rules.

While bowling the Doosra, the cricketers mentioned earlier went over this limit.

It is noteworthy that Saqlain Mushtaq, the bowler who made the Doosra popular, received no punishment!


Off-spin bowling of the highest calibre is a delight to watch due to the fascination people have with good flight and drift, which appeals to the eyes, unlike any other bowling technique.

Simply put, it is magical. Off-spin bowling, which has poetry and romanticism unmatched in any other aspect of cricket, is even more interesting because of Doosra.

The deadly combination of such beauty and deception has been the ultimate weapon of all off-spinners.

They deceive the batters into a false sense of security, beating them both in the air and off the wicket as well.

May the flighters and drifters bring more glory to the game of cricket and never cease to astound us with their art and magic!

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