Who Are The 5 Greatest Southpaw Boxers in History?-2

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A left-handed boxer is a rarity, but it has been an attribute of some of the sport’s finest athletes. Some of the biggest boxing stars and world champions have had a southpaw boxing stance.

Southpaw boxers tend to keep their right hand and foot forward when they box. They deliver right-handed jabs to their opponents but they tend to finish with left cross-right hooks.

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Kings of the Southpaw’s:

Are Southpaws Better Boxers?

Yes. There’s a belief that southpaws have an advantage, and there’s a lot of truth to it! They are favoured by the angles and footwork, along with several other pros of the stance.

Southpaw fighters are able to use both of their hands powerfully, and they even fare better at long-range punching. 

A major factor in the success of southpaws is that they’re used to fighting orthodox fighters rather than vice versa. This experience always works out in their favour.

The 5 Greatest Southpaw Boxers

4. Joe Calzaghe

Calzaghe’s fighting style included him dazzling his opponents with punches from every single direction and dimension. He was also known for his resilience and his mindset of not giving up.

This mindset may be responsible for him being the only undefeated fighter on this list. He also made it as a top-ranked P4P boxer during his glory days.

Calzaghe retired with a stellar record of 46-0 and with the reputation of being one of the European boxing GOATs.

5. Tiger Flowers

He was known for his high speed as far as dodging and punching were concerned. He also had a more defensive fighting style, which was uncommon back in the day. 

Flowers’s biggest accomplishment is the fact that he is the first black middleweight champion ever. He picked up more than a hundred wins in just 10 years and his boxing record is 135-17-8.

Known as “The Georgia Deacon”, he passed away at the tender age of 32.

Other great southpaws include Vincente Salvidar, Young Corbett III, Gabriel Elord, and Ronald Wright.

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