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Blackjack might not be the most difficult casino game to learn and play for sure. However, history has some great professional blackjack players who mastered the skill of playing blackjack and perfected it to a point of winning huge sums of money. Sounds interesting? Well, here is a list of the top 10 most successful blackjack players and the story behind them.

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Another highly successful blackjack player, Bryce Carlson started playing the game in the 1970s. He was very good at exchanging tips with other legendary players and gradually became a professional. Carlson had also authored a book named, ‘Blackjack for Blood’. His idea and intention were to help other blackjack players master the game.

Interestingly, he developed the Omega II blackjack machine and later, the Omega II blackjack casino in order to analyze the game so that he could improve his gameplay.


A successful female blackjack player, Erica Shoenberg achieved remarkable success in the game. Although she could not win a major tournament, she participated, on several occasions, in the World Series of Blackjack. Erica was a model turned blackjack player who made most of her money playing this game. She was keen on mastering and perfecting her skills further, which is why; she enrolled at the MIT Blackjack Team.


Edward Thorp was not only a pro blackjack player but also, the inventor of a card counting blackjack method, in which players could keep track of which cards were being played and which were remaining in the deck. As a professor of Mathematics, he specialized in the field of probability and it lent him the ability to make correct predictions.

Thorp had also published a book named, ‘Beat the Dealer’. The book detailed the techniques of blackjack, which were highly popularized by great players in various casinos across the world.


Alice Walker was the first female to win the World Series of Blackjack in 2007. This professional blackjack player, who made history, started playing the game at the tender age of 3. Walker excelled in both blackjack as well as poker and was very quick at picking up the tricks of both games. She secured her place in the hall of fame of gambling by winning two major tournaments in a row. Alice Walker had a very driven and tactical mind that contributed to her success.

These professional blackjack players who were highly successful in playing the game do set an example for blackjack lovers all over. They are inspirations for pro gamblers trying to get better at blackjack and increase their chances of winning with each hand they play.

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