Speed Roulette

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You wanna play Speed Roulette? Lucky you! In this guide you’ll learn how to play Speed Roulette from Evolution Gaming and where to play.

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What is Speed Roulette?

Speed Roulette is another online roulette game from Evolution Gaming. It is live streamed from Riga, Latvia and it is twice as fast as any other online roulette game.

The spin time is only 25 seconds in Speed Roulette. For all other Online Roulette games, such as European Roulette, the spin time is between 48 to 60 seconds.

In Speed Roulette, the bets are placed while the wheel is already spinning. This eliminates the “dead time”. That is, the duration players spend to place bets.

You can also find Speed Roulette games from Netent and Playtech. They are more or less the same as the Evolution version, with only a few differences.

How to Play Speed Roulette

This is how you play Speed Roulette from Evolution Gaming.

Step 1: Place your bets

The betting works just like regular Online Roulette. You bet on where you think the ball will land on the Roulette wheel.

The casino chips available are between 1 – 1000 credits. That means you can bet between $1 to $5,000 per spin. Simply drag and drop your selected chip(s) to your chosen betting area(s).

A successful straight-up bet can win you up to $175,000.

Autoplay – You can also use the autoplay feature to pre-set your amount on every spin. This makes it quicker as you won’t have to place a new bet on each spin.

Step 2: The dealer spins the wheel

The wheel spins automatically. When it stops spinning, you’ll see where the ball lands and if you won. Payouts are then made accordingly.  

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