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So you want to play War of Bets? Look no further! In this guide we’ll teach you how to play War of Bets and where to play.

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Main betsOdds
Dealer gets Red1.76
Dealer gets Black2.06
Player gets Red1.76
Player gets Black2.06
Dealer gets Club4.14
Dealer gets Diamond3.62
Dealer gets Heart3.31
Dealer gets Spade4.29
Player gets Club4.14
Player gets Diamond3.62
Player gets Heart3.31
Player gets Spade4.29
Dealer gets 810.00
Dealer gets less than 82.00
Dealer gets more than 82.19
Player gets 810.00
Player gets less than 81.97
Player gets more than 82.24
Dealer get (J, Q, K)7.00
Dealer gets PIP1.10

War of Bets Strategy

Bet on player or dealer

The player and dealer bets give you almost a 50/50 chance of winning. Therefore, you are more likely to win on these options.

Place bets before game round

War of Bets allows you to place bets before or during the game round. Before the round begins, the odds are fixed. So, it’s the best time to place your bets.

The odds change after the game round begins just like in Online Baccarat.

Avoid war option

You must have noticed that the war bet offers the highest payout. This makes it tempting to wager on. However, the chance of winning is very low. If you want to stand a better chance, avoid betting on war.


What is the Minimum Bet in War of Bets?

The minimum and maximum bet limits are determined by each online casino.

What is the RTP in War of Bets?

The RTP in War of Bets is 95%.

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