5 Players with Most Man of the Match Awards in Cricket

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The man of the match award is given after a cricket match to the player who creates the most entertaining performance.

In the 1980s, the Man of the Match award in international cricket became a custom.

It is given to the player who made an actual difference in the match’s outcome, though occasionally a member of the losing team may also be named Man of the Match.

It is challenging to select a Man of the Match when there is a tie-in performance. The fans are never happy with the outcome, and they often argue over the potential candidates.

Cricket has a long and illustrious history. Despite being a team sport, some incredible individual performances have allowed players to single-handedly win games.

Cricket has witnessed some incredible outcomes based on stand-out performances from a player, from batsmen smashing match-winning centuries to bowlers wreaking havoc on the opposition.

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The top cricket Man of the Match winners

1. Jacques Kallis

The greatest all-round player of all time, Jacques Kallis has astounding stats across all game formats. Kallis has 57 Man of the Match awards after playing for the South Africa Cricket Team for almost 20 years.

The former player helped the team win in all facets, including thrilling bowling, energetic fielding and exceptional batting.

In 166 Tests, 328 ODIs and 25 T20 Internationals, Kallis played for his nation.

He played in the aforementioned number of games, scoring 13289, 11579 and 666 runs while grabbing 292, 273 and 12 wickets respectively.

2. Shahid Afridi

This Pakistani superstar is the most exciting, talented and aggressive all-rounder of all time.

Shahid Afridi of Pakistan, a cricket-mad country, is one of those cricketers who are well-known all over the world. Even those who don’t love cricket are familiar with his nickname “Boom Boom”.

The dynamic Pakistani star won the Man of the Match award 43 times during his illustrious career.

Although Afridi began his career as a leg spinner, he quickly developed into an all-rounder, thrilling the crowd with fantastic boundary blows.

He was frequently the crucial batter that the team needed to take the game away from the opposition. Afridi has 1716 runs in 27 Test matches for the Pakistan Cricket Team.

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