Sic Bo Betting Options

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You can improve your chances of winning Sic Bo by using some well-proved betting options. You can check out some betting options below: 

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Small and Big Bets

Small and big bets both involve the total of the 3 available dice in a Sic Bo game. For the small bet, a player is to bet that the sum total of the 3 dice will range from 4 to 10. While the big bet sees the player predicting that the outcome of the 3 dice will range from 11 to 17. 

If the 3 dice display the same number after being rolled, both small and big bets lose the game. 

The odds for both small and big bets are 1 to 1, giving this bet more mindful gameplay. 

While playing Sic Bo, it is best that you play on small and big bets over time. This is because of lower-paying odds and lower house edge, making it safer to win more than others. You are more likely to win more often, and the casino has a lesser edge over the game.

Combination Bets

This bet option provides you with some sort of liberty in choosing your dice for two outcomes. For the combination bets, you predict that out of the 3 dice, 2 will display different numbers that you selected. 

To win, you must choose the 2 numbers to be displayed by the dice after the shaker rolls them. For instance, where you bet on 5 and 7; if 5, 9, and 7 are displayed after the rolling, you win, despite the third number. 

The odds are pegged at 6 to 1, making it a hot chase for players wishing to remain conservative. 

It is believed that the combination bets are relatively likely to appear, as players may get the numbers over and again. 

Other Sums Bets

The sums bet means that the outcome of the dice will be a specific total of a certain number. The numbers available in this bet range from 4 to 17, the dice of which must accord with your prediction. 

For instance, where you bet on 7, the 3 dice should be 2-4-1, or 3-2-3 or 1-3-3, or 3-2-2. 

The odds of using 7 as your sum bets is 12 to 1. 

The sum bet is one of the few betting options with variations of choices in Sic Bo. This is because you can choose any combinations of the number you like, with different odds for each number you pick. 

Remember that with higher odds, you are faced with more difficulty in getting the sum and vice versa.

Single Dice Bet

For players who feel they can win with a specific number, this bet is for you. The single dice bet allows you to select a number that will pop up amongst the 3 dice. 

You can choose that 1, 2 or even 3 specific numbers will all pop up after the dice are rolled by the shaker. You can choose any number ranging from 1 to 6.

If you go for 1 dice and it turns correct, the odds are 1 to 1. If you go for 2 and the outcome is correct, the odds are 2 to 1. For 3 dice the odds are 3 to 1. 

Double and Triple Bets

The double bet is a bet that 2 specific numbers would appear on the dice after the rolls are made. The number ranges from 1 to 6, and both numbers must appear for you to win the double bet at Sic Bo. 

Payout odds are 10 to 1, with a bonus win if they are 3 (depending on the casino). 

The triple bet is a prediction that a particular number would appear on all 3 dice after the rolls. The numbers range from 1 to 6. 

The specific triple bet has odds of 180 to 1.

Odds Table

Small Bets1 to 1
Big Bets1 to 1
Combination Bet6 to 1
Other Sums Bet (7)12 to 1
Single Dice Bet1 dice= 1 to 1, 2 dice= 2 to 1, 3 dice = 3 to 1
Double Bet10 to 1
Specific Triple Bet180 to 1

Is Sic Bo Legal to Play in India?

Yes, if you play it online. As Sic Bo is played on online casinos located outside India there is no law that prevents you from playing Sic Bo Online. You can even play Sic Bo with Indian Rupees on online casinos such as FUN88

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