Lightning Dice

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Want to play some Lightning Dice? Keep reading to learn how to play Lightning Dice, strategies, and where to play.

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How to Play Lightning Dice

Playing Lightning Dice is easy. All you have to do is watch the dealer roll 3 dice and guess what the total number of all three dice will be. If you are right, you will get paid according to the paytable.

To play Lightning Dice, simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: Place your bets

You place your bet on what you think the total value of all three dice will be after the roll. Lightning dice allows you to place bets on as many numbers as possible. You can choose to bet on only one number or even all the numbers.

The betting chips available include 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500, 2000, and 2x(double). You bet by using the drag and drop on the betting layout.

To bet on all the numbers easily, there is a “Bet on all” button available. You will see a timer counting down to show you how many seconds you have left for betting.

Step 2: Wait while the dealer rolls the dice

After the betting round is closed, the dealer rolls the dice. She does this by putting the dice on top of the machine and then steps down to pull a handle. The machine rolls the dice, and you watch as they all come down.

Once the dealer has dropped the dice, the lightning process also begins. This means that some numbers will be chosen at random. The chosen number will receive a bigger payout. You can see this process clearly on the screen as it happens.

Step 3: Check the outcome

The machine rolls the dice and they all drop to the bottom. At that moment, the camera closes in for you to see the outcome of the roll. The winning number will be seen clearly and also announced by the dealer. Payouts are then made if you win.

Bet Options

The betting process in Lightning Dice is so simple. You can only bet on what the total sum of the three dice roll will be. There are no other options to bet on.

In the image above, you will see all the numbers you can bet on and their payout. The numbers are from 3 to 18.

Lightning Dice Payouts


The payouts in lightning dice, as seen on the table, is the multiplier x stake. 

Example: if you bet €10 on number 18 and the winning number is 18, you win €10×150 =€150

The probabilities of getting the combinations are not the same. Some of the combinations come more frequently than the other. For this reason, the payouts for less likely numbers are higher.

For example, there is only one way of combining numbers on each die to get a total of 18. That is by getting 6 on all three dice. This is less likely to occur, and that is why the payout is higher. 

To get a total of 10, there are 27 different ways the numbers on each die can combine. As a result, 10 is more likely but the payout is lower.


3149: 1 – 999:1
449:1 – 499.1
524:1 – 249.1
614:1 – 99:1
79:1 – 99:1
86:1 – 49:1
95:1 – 49:1
104:1 – 49:1
114:1 – 49:1
125:1 – 49:1
136:1 – 49:1
149:1 – 99:1
1514:1 – 99:1
1624:1 – 249:1
1749:1 – 499:1
18149:1 – 999:1

In lightning dice, only a few numbers can become multipliers. The multipliers are randomly selected after you have placed your bet. This is the same as the lightning process explained before in this guide.

If your bet wins and your number is one of the randomly chosen multipliers, you get a higher price. You will be paid what the multiplier is, with your stake returned.

Example: let’s say you’re lucky to have your chosen number 3 as a multiplier. If 3 wins, you can get paid up to 999:1. That is, 999 times bet, with your initial stake returned.



The combinations show how many possible outcomes there are for each sum (total of 3 dice). The sums with the higher payouts have fewer possible combinations and less probability.

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