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Online Baccarat provides the same experience as traditional Baccarat but at an affordable minimum amount to spike your passion. Read this guide to find the best online Baccarat casinos in India and learn how to play Baccarat. 

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Baccarat Side Bets

Side bets are included in many versions of Online Baccarat to provide more betting opportunities for players. We have explained all the side bets available belowP Pair – This is betting on the player to draw a pair

  • B Pair – Here, you bet on the banker to draw a pair
  • Either Pair –  A bet placed that either the player or the banker will draw a pair.
  • Perfect Pair – A perfect pair wager is predicting that the banker or player are dealt the same cards in the same suit
  • Super 6 – A simple bet that the banker wins the round with 6 points.

Play Live Baccarat

Playing baccarat at a live casino usually takes a whole different turn from online baccarat. At live casino baccarat, you meet people from all walks of life adorned in fanciful attires and ready to splash millions of Rupees into the game.

At live casinos, baccarat bettors are shielded from the usual game players, to focus on the game attentively.

While playing Online Baccarat at a live casino, there’s usually the table where all the thrills and fun happen. There, you have 2 dealers hanging on both sides of the bet, 1 round-man arranging the cards. You also have 3 casino staff supervising the gameplay and setting general rules of the live casino.

One of the bettors shuffles the cards and drops them face down, while the round-man raises them and lowers them in each box.

The round-man rotate a shoe of cards between the bettors for them to choose from in each new round. The 2 dealers continue to regulate the bets in each round. In every baccarat game, the goal remains the same, whether in a live casino or online casino or mini baccarat.

Baccarat Strategies – How To Win At Baccarat

Avoid “tie” Bet 

A tie bet is a bet that both the player and banker boxes will get the same number point in a baccarat game. This is usually rare, but with the tie bet comes a loss of 14.4 units for any units of 100 you stake on. 

The tie bet also gives you the most miserable odds you can get in any online baccarat game. You have to run far away from making a tie bet in a baccarat game. 

Go with the banker

The banker is the best bet in online baccarat games. Casinos deduct a lesser unit of 1.17% for every 100 units you stake on banker bets, and the banker usually wins most rounds. 

In terms of payouts, the banker pays more with 19:20 paid out for every win. However, the bettor playing with the banker is charged a-5%-commission for every win the banker gets.

What if the banker loses?

It’s been established over time that the banker wins most of the time, and you should keep playing on it. When the banker doesn’t win for some time, continue playing on it in more rounds that you plan to play. 

This is because the other bets have lesser payouts and more units losses charged by the casinos. So, don’t distance your best option of banker bets, even if you are losing.

Be careful with mini baccarats

Mini baccarats are smaller in terms of table size, minimum deposits, card number, etc. They are very attractive because of the simplicity of playing them; however, they can be dangerous. 

In mini baccarats, the dealer shuffles the piles of cards, carries the shoes around, and drops the cards. Mini baccarats are extremely fast, with so many decisions that can spoil your strategy made in seconds by the dealer. 

f you must play mini Baccarat, you have to exercise caution and alternate between banker bet and player bet. 

Tie bets do not count

Playing consistently with the banker would inevitably render the tie bet useless in all rounds. Tie bets only pause your game, especially where you’ve been getting a banker game consecutively. 

So where after getting banker continuously, you get a tie, disregard the tie, and continue.

Manage your bankroll

Don’t bet beyond the money you have set aside for playing online baccarats. The temptation to go beyond such an amount will be high, especially when you are losing, you might want to recover your losses. But, never chase your losses beyond the budgeted amount, Never!

Ride the player bet until it loses

The banker wins more than the player in online baccarat. So, play with the banker bet, and if it’s on a losing streak, you move to the player bet. 

Play with the Player bet until the banker starts winning again, then return to the banker bet and continue wagering on it.

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