Strategies to win more often in Crazy Time

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Many players often search the internet for the ideal strategy in playing Crazy Time. The truth is, just like many other casino games, this game is just based on luck. However, that does not mean you cannot boost your chances of winning by applying some strategies. These are some of strategies you can always apply:

Pick numbers that occurs most often for more frequent wins

A good strategy for betting on Crazy Time, is to select a number that occurs very frequently. The possibility of getting a number that has more segments is higher. Therefore, you should consider numbers that have more segments.

Start with small bets

It is advisable to place low bets when you first start playing Crazy Time and gradually increase. In that way you are less likely to lose your money. 

Bet on a number and a bonus round at the same time

Another strategy is to bet on a high-frequent number and a bonus round at the same time. The reason for this is simple. Should you not land on the bonus round but win the number, the payout of the number will offset the other bet you have placed.


What is the RTP of Crazy Time ?

The RTP of Crazy Time is between 95-96%.

Which Studio Made Crazy Time?

Crazy Time was made by Evolution Gaming.

When was Crazy Time Released?

Crazy Time was released in February 2020.

What is the Maximum Win?

Crazy Time offers a maximum payout of up to €500,000.

What is the Minimum Deposit?

The minimum deposit on Crazy Time is €20.

How Much Can I Win?

The winning potential on Crazy Time is large but enormous wins are rare. Under the Pachinko bonus, the multipliers could extend to 10,000x, while it can extend to 20,000x for Crazy Time. Therefore, up to 100,000x is achievable with a 50x boost multiplier from a Top Slot.

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