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Mega Moolah is that exciting slot game that many casino players love to play. It is the most popular slot game around the world, and definitely in India as well. Since this slot is a player’s favorite, many online casinos in India offer the game.

Mega Moolah is a progressive Jackpot slot from one of the world’s leading gaming providers, Microgaming. Mega Moolah currently holds the Guinness world record for paying out the biggest progressive jackpot.

In this guide, you will learn how and where to play Mega Moolah.

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Tips to Win on Mega Moolah

You need luck on your side to win in Mega Moolah. However, the tips below can help you reduce your chances of losing so much without winning.

Place large bets

Placing large bets can help to increase your chances of triggering the jackpot wheel. When the jackpot wheel is triggered, you also stand the chances of winning any of the four jackpots. A large bet can just increase your chances of hitting the Mega jackpot.

Play with casino welcome bonuses

Casino bonuses can give you the cash you need to hit the jackpot. Also, when you have free spins, it allows you to play more. Mega Moolah being a progressive slot keeps increasing with each spin. This means that with every spin made, players are closer to the mega jackpot.

Study the paytable

Take time to check the paytable before you start playing the game. This will let you know how much each symbol pays and the ones that will pay you higher.

Stick to your budget

Don’t get carried away with the urge to win that you forget to make a budget. You should not bet beyond the amount you can afford to lose. Before you start to play the game, decide the total amount you will wager that day.

The total set amount can be broken into bits for each game round. Stick to your plan and don’t go beyond it regardless of the temptation.

Is Mega Moolah Legal in India?

Yes, you can play Mega Moolah legally in India. Pure games of chance are not allowed to run in India but Mega Moolah is played on online casinos. Since these online casinos are not based in India, the law does not stop you from gambling online.

Mega Moolah Variants

Like many other popular casino games, Mega Moolah also has variants. Find more information about the known variants below.

Mega Moolah 5-Reel Drive.

This variant has only 15 paylines and 5 reels. The theme is based on trucks and motorcars and offers 10 free spins and 5x multipliers. The progressive jackpot prizes are the same as the original.

Mega Moolah Summertime

This has only 9 paylines with summer and fruit symbols. It offers 15 free spins with 3x multipliers. It has the same progressive jackpot prizes as the original.

Mega Moolah Isis

This is an Ancient Egypt themed slot with free spins and 6x multipliers. The progressive jackpot prizes are equal to the ones in the original.

Mega Moolah Indian Winners

There is no record of any India Mega Moolah winner. However, there may have been many Indian winners who chose not to go public about it. Many winners of Mega Moolah decide to remain anonymous and never get known to the public.

Play Mega Moolah on Your Mobile

Mega Moolah is a very popular casino slot game and it is definitely available for play on mobile. You can play directly on your mobile browser on some mobile casinos. These mobile casinos make use of HTML5 technology to make Mega Moolah compatible with smartphone browsers.

Some other casinos offer downloadable casino apps. You can access Mega Moolah on a casino app and play without having to use your browser.


🎰 How Do I Win the Mega Moolah Jackpot?

There is no specific method by which you can win Mega Moolah. It works like every other slot game which is based on chance. You can however improve your chances by applying some of the tips shared in this article.

🎰 Is Mega Moolah a Scam?

No, Mega Moolah is a real casino game. Even though you feel it sounds too good to be real, it is. It pays out for real and has made so many people millionaires.

🎰 What is the RTP of Mega Moolah

The RTP of Mega Moolah slot is 88.12%. 

🎰 Why is Mega Moolah Jackpot So Big?

The Jackpot on Mega Moolah is progressive. Every time someone plays and does not win, a percentage of that loss is placed in the jackpot. Since Mega Moolah is linked over hundreds of online casinos around the world, the jackpot accumulates fast and big.

🎰 Can I Play Mega Moolah in Hindi?

For now, Mega Moolah is only available in English language on most casinos. But it is easy to play and does not require too much knowledge of the language to play.

🎰 How Do I Withdraw Winnings From Mega Moolah?

This depends on the casino at which you play. Check for the deposit and withdrawal methods and ensure you find one convenient for you.

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