Indian Dice

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Indian Dice was one of the most popular board games in ancient India. Nowadays, it is also a popular board game that can be played online. The board game combines strategy, counting, tactics, and probability.

We will explain the most common type of Indian Dice, along with information on how you can play the board game and some winning strategies. So keep reading our guide of Indian Dice below.

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How to Play Indian Dice

Indian Dice can be played by 2, 3 or 4 players. The playing time ranges from around 30 to 60 minutes. 

The board game is played with 16 playing pieces: 4 black, 4 green, 4 red, and 4 yellow. 6 dice are used to throw numbers. Each dice is marked with the numbers: 1,2,3,4,5 and 6. 

Each player gets 4 playing pieces. Every player starts the game by placing their 4 playing pieces on the center on the board, called Charkoni. Before the game can begin, the playing order of the players must be decided with a dice roll.

The highest number from the dice roll decides which player will start the game. When the starting player has been selected, the starting player places the playing pieces on the center position of the board, called Charkoni.

To move the playing pieces on the board, the players need to roll a number with their dice. The number from the dice roll displays the number of times the players can move their playing piece on the board.

To move out the remaining pieces from the center of the board (Charkoni), players need to get a so-called “grace”, from the dice roll. To get a “grace”, players need to throw their dice and get the number 6, 10 or 25. 

How to Win

To win on Indian Dice, players need to complete a full round around the board, with all their 4 playing pieces, starting from the center of the board (Charkoni) and returning to the center of the board again (Charkoni). 

To enter the center of the board (Charkoni) again, players need to throw an exact number with their dice. For example: 16 or 20. 

Once a player finishes a round with their playing piece, the playing pieces are tilted to the side, to signal the other players that their playing piece has finished the round.

Layout of the Game Board

The game board is shaped like a cross, with 4 arms stretching up, down, left and right. Each arm consists of 3 adjacent columns with 8 squares. 

3 squares on each arm represent castles. There are 68 squares on the game board. In the middle of the board is a large square, called the “Charkoni”. 

Capturing Opponents

Players can capture their opponent’s playing piece and send it back to the center of the board, Charkoni. To capture an opponent’s playing piece, players need to position their playing piece on the same square as their opponent.

When players have sent back their opponent’s playing piece to the center of the board (Charkoni), their opponent can only move out their piece from the center, if they throw the number 25, 10 or 6, also known as “Grace”.

Not Moving Pieces

Players are free to not move their playing place, at any time during the game.

Castle Squares

Castle squares are marked on the playing board with an “X”. If players have a playing piece on a castle square, players’ opponents are unable to capture their playing piece. However, players are not able to finish on the castle square, if it is taken by 1 or more playing pieces by their opponent.

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