Sporting History – The First County Cricket Match

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There we unofficial formats for competition prior to 1890 but the first official league had 8 counties participating. The 8 counties were Nottinghamshire, Surrey, Lancashire, Kent, Middlesex, Gloucestershire, Yorkshire, and Sussex.

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Cricket Stories : The First County Cricket Match was played on 12th May 1890

The first county cricket match was played on this day, 130 years ago at Bristol. Yorkshire triumphed over Gloucestershire by 8 wickets.

James Cranston of Gloucestershire scored the first century in the competitions history with a knock of 101 in the very same game. He had rather less luck the following year when he had a seizure mid-match and didn’t play again for 8 years.

George Ulyett also scored a century in the game for Yorkshire, 107 and no seizures.

Owing to greatly increased weight, his old brilliancy in the field had quite left him, but he was a better bat than ever. Indeed, in 1889 and 1890 he was one of the best left-handed players before the public.

Unfortunately, however, his renewed connection with Gloucestershire soon ended. He was seized with a fit during a match in 1891, and although he recovered, he did not after that year take part in county cricket again till 1899 when he played four times, these being his last appearances.

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