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Want to play Online Perfect Pairs? In this guide, you will learn how to play Perfect Pair and find the best Indian online casinos to play the game.

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Types of Side Bets In Perfect Pairs

Mixed Pair

When you get a mixed pair, you get two cards matching with the same number or face value. They will be of different suits and colour. For example, having Hearts 2 and Spades 2 is having a mixed pair.

If you win with a mixed pair, you get a payout of 5/1.

Coloured Pair

You get a coloured pair when your two initial cards have the same value and colour. The difference between cards in a colour pair is the suit. For example, an Ace of Spades and an Ace of Clubs is a coloured pair. This pays 10 /1.

Perfect Pair

A perfect pair is obtained when the two initial cards are alike in every aspect. They have the same face value, colour and suit. An example of this is two Queens of Diamonds. It pays 30/1.

Paytable for Side Bets

You can find different pay tables depending on where you’re playing at as the payouts may be slightly different. See the table below to see an example of odds in a paytable.

Perfect pair3014560.0168670.506024
Coloured Pair1016640.0192770.192771
Mixed Pair533280.0385540.192771
Non Pair-1798720.925301-0.925301


Is it Legal to Play Perfect Pairs Online in India?

Yes. Almost all online casinos that offer Perfect Pairs Online are located outside India. The Indian Gambling laws do not prohibit gambling at locations outside India. It only addresses gambling inside India.

Why is it Called Perfect Pairs?

It is called Perfect Pairs because you get the opportunity to make side bets and make wins when you get a winning pair. The highest value pair is called “Perfect Pairs”. 

What are the Odds of Getting Perfect Pairs?

The odds of getting perfect pairs in a side bet is 1/59. It could be slightly different depending on the casino.

How Much Can I Win in Perfect Pairs?

Different casinos offer different payouts. For a perfect pair, some casinos offer 25 to 1, some 30 to 1. Some very generous ones offer 35 to 1. The amounts can also vary for the coloured pairs and mixed pairs.

Can I Play Online Perfect Pairs with my Mobile?

Yes, you can play Perfect Pairs on any mobile device that supports Android or iOS. Some online casinos even have dedicated casino apps where you can play perfect pairs.

What is the Best Strategy in Online Perfect Pairs?

The best strategy is to never split when you have two 10’s.

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