Speed Baccarat – 2

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Player or Banker Pair11:189.64%
Perfect pair (one pair)25:191.95%
Perfect pair (two pair)220:191.95%
Either pair5:186.29%

Side Bets

  • Player or Banker Pair – This is a bet that the two cards for either the player or the banker are a pair.
  • Perfect pair (one pair) – This is wager that two cards dealt to the player OR banker are identical in suit and value
  • Perfect pair (two pair) – Here, you bet that two cards dealt to both player AND banker are identical in suit and value.
  • Either pair – Bet on banker or player to have a pair

Speed Baccarat Banker and Player Bonus

There is also a banker and player bonus in Speed Baccarat. The bonus is based on the differences between the value in two hands. 

Example: if there’s a 7-point difference, the payout is 6:1. For 8 points, it rises to 10:1. 

You can see the payout for this bonus below:

Non-natural hand wins by 9 points30:1
Non-natural hand wins by 8 points10:1
Non-natural hand wins by 7 points6:1
Non-natural hand wins by 6 points4:1
Non-natural hand wins by 5 points2:1
Non-natural hand wins by 4 points1:1
Natural win1:1
Natural tiePush

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