Cricket Betting Strategies that Actually Work Part 2

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To get quality betting opportunities, below are some of the best cricket betting strategies for you:

Follow Latest Betting Trends

Watch the game closely and stay up-to-date with the latest cricket betting trends. Staying updated will every aspect of the game allow you to make a better punter, and you can take away money happily.

Take into Account Home Away

You can also find out where the match is being played – away from home or at home. Remember, home cricket teams typically have a leading edge over those playing away from home. It is because they can build favorable terrain when required.

  • Consider Weather Conditions. Weather is the first factor you must take into account while betting online on your favorite cricket tournament. Did you know weather conditions pose a great effect on other sports than cricket? Usually, playing after bad weather allows visiting bowlers to struggle more. When an away team loses the toss in the match, it could lead to an unpleasant experience for them.
  • History. Another determinant that plays a major role in the game of cricket is “history.” A cricket team that has recorded a series of home defeats may also incur the same internationally. Thus, it’s best to study the past performance and forms of the teams.

Subscribe to FUN88 Cricket Betting Blogs

Do not ignore cricket betting blogs. It will provide you excellent cricket betting tips and an overall birds-eye view of the whole cricket world for free. It is something that all successful punters are already taking benefit of. Remember, the more you know about cricket, the more successful you will be as a gambler.

Use Cricket Betting Predictions

Nowadays, numerous top cricket betting websites offer predictions for all major cricket tournaments such as FUN88. Getting daily Cricket betting tips and predictions on upcoming cricket tournaments like Ashes, IPL, etc., can help you improve your betting performance. It is typically beneficial for newbies in the world of online cricket betting.

Take Advantage of Statistics

If you find that you are triumphing regularly on ODI but not getting desired profits from 20-20 cricket, it’s worth taking the benefit of cricket statistics and news online. Today, plenty of sites offer free of cost wealth of information associated with cricket betting and statistics for cricket fans. It may include trades, management changes, best players, and more.

Stats will let you quickly nurture into the world of cricket betting. The best tip is to use the off-season to catch up on the team form, statistics, layout of the game, and player form relevant to the game. 

Use Social Media Platforms

Nowadays, social media has become an essential part of the daily life of most people. Using platforms such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook lets you communicate and make a good bond with professional cricket bettors. This allows you to collect valuable information regarding cricket betting.

Bet on Runs 

Betting on the run is usually simple. Cricket betting sites usually set a particular amount for their cricket tournaments and events. You can also predict if the total runs will be under or above the particular amount. This is also known as over or under betting.


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