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We all know playing slots to win is not easy. Given the high odds of a massive payout or a jackpot, a handful of people have shown everyone that the dream of a small fortune is within their grasp. In this article, we go through ten people who won the biggest slot machine payouts.

Dropping a credit, hitting the spin button, and hoping those symbols stop at the right pay lines are the quintessential slot experience. Everyone’s hopes and dreams of seeing those high-paying symbols stop at the right spot are often shattered after spending massive amounts of money without a win.

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5. $24,000,000 ON MEGA FORTUNE (ONLINE)

An unidentified Finnish player tried the Mega Fortune online slot game. Take note that he is mostly interested in poker games than slots. He likely tried to diversify his gaming experience with what is available to him in the Scandinavian based online casino.

With just 25 cents and on his first spin, he managed to line up the Bonus Game feature, which involves three spinning wheels. Players can achieve higher payouts and a chance for the jackpot prize when they reach the third wheel. Somehow, the Finnish player managed to win a significant amount on the bonus rounds to keep playing long. At the end of his session, he got $24 million on a 25-cent spin.


In May 2002, Johanna Heundl was at the right place in Bally’s Casino when the Megabuck jackpot reached $22 million. With the jackpot growing three times its base rate of $7 million, most Las Vegas slot enthusiasts are gunning for the massive payout. Johanna decided to hit the slot floor right before breakfast, which was just the right time for the RNG to have the jackpot symbols lineup in front of her.

Megabucks gave a whopping $22 million to Johanna on that faithful morning as well as a thrilling story to tell anyone over breakfast or on the dinner table back in her home state of California.


June 1999, a time when the Y2K scare was everywhere and many were preparing for the end of the world, except for a business consultant who visited Caesar’s Palace. He puts a $10 bill into a Megabucks slot to get some moment’s diversion from the end of the world.

On that first day of 1999 summer, the 49-year-old man from Illinois was about to get a wild experience as the Megabucks slot gave him a jackpot of $21 million. Whether he spent the fortune to retire early or simply continue with his consultation career, his world just began and is continuing strong past 2000.


While most of the biggest slot jackpot winners have bigger payouts, Elmer Sherwin is one of the few who took home the jackpot payout more than once. Sherwin loves casinos and is a frequent visitor ever since he reached the legal gambling age. In 1989, he took home 4.6 million dollars from a slot game at the Mirage.

While the first win may have satisfied most players, Sherwin was not satisfied. He went to the Cannery Casino & Hotel and took the Megabucks slot for a spin. Lighting struck twice when the slot awarded him $21 million, resulting in a total jackpot amount of nearly $26 million from his first win two decades ago.

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