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We all know playing slots to win is not easy. Given the high odds of a massive payout or a jackpot, a handful of people have shown everyone that the dream of a small fortune is within their grasp. In this article, we go through ten people who won the biggest slot machine payouts.

Dropping a credit, hitting the spin button, and hoping those symbols stop at the right pay lines are the quintessential slot experience. Everyone’s hopes and dreams of seeing those high-paying symbols stop at the right spot are often shattered after spending massive amounts of money without a win.

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9. $13,200,000 ON MEGA MOOLAH (ONLINE)

Jon Heywood was working a minimum-wage job to make ends meet after completing a tour of duty. He was watching a documentary about World War 2 tanks when he thought about making money through an online casino. Jon has a solid plan, play the ones with progressive jackpots and be conservative on the spin amount to increase his chance of winning it.

With a plan all set, Jon clicked on the spin button while watching the documentary. To his surprise, the screen was showing a large money wheel with the arrow pointing at the jackpot. Jon won a life-changing amount of $19 million from just a single spin of 38 cents.


An unidentified woman was visiting her niece in Las Vegas and happened upon the Aria Casino and Resort in January 2011. Being out of town and with $6 in her person, she took the opportunity of trying the slots to get the most out of her visit.

She happened upon the Megabucks slot on the casino floor and gave it a shot. To her surprise, she got the massive jackpot prize of the slot game without going over her $6 pocket cash. While she did not share any information about herself, she and her niece have the cash to enjoy the reunion visit.

Progressive jackpots or even the highest possible payouts have eluded so many casino players over the years. Fortunately, the top 10 winners in the list show that anyone has a chance of taking home a life-changing fortune from slot games despite the voodoo magic of RTP and variance as key differentiators in the different types of online slot games.

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