Tips on How to Win on Live Dragon Tiger

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Where to play casino games ?

We recommend you to use FUN88.

Avoid the tie bets

Even if the tie bets pay you 8 to 1, you should avoid tie bets. Simply because the house has an edge of 32.77%. The house edge of 32.77% is based on 86,320 hand combinations. 

Of 86,320 hand combinations, you will lose your bets in 79,872. Because only 6,488 are tie bets from 86,320 hand combinations.

Do not rely on betting systems

Dragon Tiger can seem to be a game where betting systems can work, due to its simplistic nature. But beware, no form of betting system will work.

Place your bets on Dragon or Tiger

The house edge for both Dragon and Tiger is 3.73%. That is why your best bet is to always make your bets on Dragon or Tiger. Because it is a simple strategy to put in practice. 

If you think that Dragon has the highest hand, make your bet on Dragon. If you think Tiger has the highest hand, bet on Tiger.

Learn to count the cards

Since Dragon Tiger is such a simple game, it’s perfectly suited for card counting. 

For example, since 7s are the losing cards, you can check how many 7s are dealt from the deck. 

A similar strategy can be applied to cards with value 8s or above. Check how many 8s are dealt from the deck to know when to place your bets on small or big.

Which is the Best Site to Play Dragon Tiger Online?

You can enjoy Dragon Tiger at many different online casinos in India. Below, I have mentioned my favorite Dragon Tiger casinos. 


At FUN88, there are about nine Dragon Tiger games. These games are from studios such as Ezugi, eBet and Super Spade Games. In addition you can play over 4000 games, including Teen Patti and Andar Bahar.

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Dragon Tiger Apps

There are online casinos that offer casino apps for iOS and Android and where you can play Live Dragon Tiger. These apps work the same way as playing Live Dragon Tiger on desktop. This means you get the same gameplay features.

You can download casino apps for Live Dragon Tiger at the following casinos: FUN88 CASINO


Is Dragon Tiger Legal in India?

Yes. Dragon Tiger is legal in India.

Is Dragon Tiger a Game of Luck or Game of Skill?

Dragon Tiger is mostly a game based on luck with some small elements of skill.

Is Live Dragon Tiger Rigged?

No, Live Dragon Tiger is not rigged.

What is the Best Dragon Tiger Hand?

Both the Tiger and the Dragon hand has a payout percentage of 96.27%

What is the Best Way to Win on Dragon tiger?

The best way to win on Dragon Tiger is to avoid betting on tie bets.

Which is the Best Dragon Tiger Game?

This really depends on your won preference. I recommend Live Dragon Tiger by Evolution Gaming.

Can I Play Dragon Tiger for Real Money?

Yes you can. In fact, you can only play Dragon Tiger for real money.

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