How to Win in Teen Patti

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Choose a Teen Patti Game With a High RTP

Not all Teen Patti games offer the same RTP. By playing a game with a higher RTP you are more likely to win, compared to if you play a game with a lower RTP.

Play at FUN88‘s One Day Teen Patti and Teen Patti Pro offer the highest RTP with an RTP of 98.36% and 97.9% respectively.

Avoid the 3+3 Side Bet

If you want to win in Teen Patti, try to avoid the 3+3 Side bet. Sure the payout is great if you get a high sequence, such as royal flush, which has a payout of 1000:1. But the probability is small as you only have 6 cards to create a 5 poker hand (your 3 cards and your dealers 3 cards). Also these cards are randomly selected (you can’t count the cards).

Go for a Pair or Better Side Bet (Sometimes)

The Pair or Better side bet offers a somewhat great payout with a relatively high RTP of 95.51%. Also, should you not win on your regular bet, you may win on this side bet.

However, you shouldn’t use this side bet in every game round. Instead use it with caution.

Place Small Bets to Increase Your Game Time

To win in Teen Patti, place smaller bets. Placing smaller bets gives you more game rounds, as you split your money over more game rounds. By playing more game rounds you increase your chances to win.

Practice with Free Games

Both Teen Patti Pro and Teen Patti Rapid lets you play in demo mode for free. It offers the same game play but instead of playing with real money you play with virtual coins.

By playing in demo mode you will learn the game and know how to play when you play with real money.

Take Advantage of Bonuses

You’ll receive free bonuses when you play at some casinos. For instance, FUN88 gives ₹500 for free to all new players. With this casino bonus, you can try out real money Teen Patti games without spending your own money.

Fold When You Have a Bad Hand

When you have a bad hand while playing Teen Patti, fold your cards. You will only lose your Ante bet and can play in the next round. If you continue to play you may very well lose more money.

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