Guide to playing US Powerball in India

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The US Powerball lottery offers one of the biggest lottery jackpots available in the entire world. Best of all, as an Indian resident you can 100% legally participate in the US Powerball. In this guide you can read more about how to buy a ticket and find trusted online lottery sites to play on.

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What is the US Powerball?

The Powerball is a lottery in the U.S. which makes use of 69 balls (with number 1-69 on them) and 26 Powerball numbers (with number 1-26 on them). To play this lottery, you’re required to pick five numbers from 1-69 as well as a powerball number from 1-26. Where the five numbers with your Powerball number match the winning numbers, you’ve hit jackpot.

How does the jackpot work?

The odds for hitting Jackpot are estimated to be at 1 in 292,201,338. Therefore, you really need a lot of luck on your side to win. The US Powerball Jackpot is won when your five selected numbers and Jackpot number match the winning numbers. Jackpot begins at $40million (Rs.287 crores), with a $10million rollover each time it’s not won. In that the jackpot keeps increasing until someone wins. 

In fact, where you fail to win the Jackpot prize, you could still win a second prize. There is a second prize of a million dollars up for grabs. This amount of money may not be as high as the Jackpot win, but it’s definitely life-changing also.

What I find really great about the Jackpot is it is unlimited. Currently, the Jackpot record stands at $1.586billion (over Rs.11280 crore) which was won by 3 winners in 2016. With more players around the world, it’s only a matter of time before this recent record gets broken. Who knows, you might be the next multimillionaire.

How does the payout works?

For jackpot payouts, you can get paid in a lump sum or over 30 years. Lump sum payouts get a portion of the payment deducted. A payment over 30 years gives you one payment yearly.

Payouts are based on selections of yours which match the called numbers. This gives you up to 200x to 300x the ticket cost. So, if you purchased your ticket at $2 and matched just the Powerball number, you could acquire about  $400.

This table explains how payout works based on how your ticket matched winning numbers.

No matched number + Powerball no.₹207
One matched number + Powerball no.₹275
Two matched numbers + Powerball no.₹500
Three matched numbers₹500
Three matched numbers + Powerball no.₹7000
Four matched numbers₹7000
Four matched numbers + Powerball no.₹7Lakh
Five matched numbers₹1crore
Five matched numbers + Powerball no.₹100crores

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