MRF Cricket Bats: A Guide, History-2

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MRF cricket bats are made by several renowned companies, including Piromotorsvc, Carborundo and Faber-Castell.

All these companies have created excellent cricket gear over the previous 100 years.

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Let’s see how it all began and how MRF entered the cricketing realm by way of some of the game’s greatest players.

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Famous players to use MRF bats

Brian Charles Lara

The West Indian legend is considered a “wizard of batting” in the cricketing world. He is only the third player to have an MRF sticker on his bat.

When Brian Lara hit Gareth Batty for a maximum to reach his 400 and brandished his bat to the crowd, the bat had already received some good market exposure.

AB de Villiers

Well, here comes our favourite superstar, Mr. 360!

It would be completely appropriate to refer to the South African batsman as a freak for his batting prowess.

He had to, regrettably, leave the international circuit earlier than usual, depriving many viewers around the world of his talent.

Even though De Villiers set numerous records, some of his best IPL performances occurred when he was batting alongside Virat Kohli for the Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Virat Kohli

Tendulkar not only passed on the batsmanship legacy but also the responsibility of leading the Indian batting lineup, almost as if it were a baton being passed from one of India’s finest to the other.

In 2013, Kohli and MRF agreed to a contract worth Rs 6.5 crore (Si million) annually.

He extended his agreement with MRF in 2017 for an astounding sum of Rs 100 crore over eight years, which will last until 2025.

India has achieved new heights in Test cricket, rising to the position of No. 1 Test Team and winning the Test series in Australia for the first time, all because of Kohli’s passion and ambition.

His attention to physical fitness and a reliable work schedule has enabled the side business to prosper.

MRF must be overjoyed to have partnered with a legend so early in his career!

Other than these batters, Shikar Dhawan, Gautham Gambhir, Rohit Sharma and some other players have played memorable innings with an MRF bat.

MRF Bats: Still Going Strong

MRF bats are not just tools to play cricket with, they are now a symbolic representation of greatness because of the legends that have used them.

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