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Jhandi Munda is originally a street game, originated in Arunachal Pradesh in the 18th century. This traditional dice betting game can legally be played in a land-based casino in Arunachal Pradesh or online.

Read this guide to find out how and where you can play Jhandi Munda online. You’ll also find plenty of bonuses up for grab.

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What Is Jhandi Munda?

Jhandi Munda is an Indian dice betting game. The game consist of 6 dices, with each dice having 6 sides. This game is especially popular during Hindu festival of Dashain, Dashami and Tihar.

This six-sided dice game is also played in Nepal, where it is known as Langur Burja. Along with some slight variations the game can also be found worldwide. This may be due to its popularity with sailors in the British Royal Navy when it was better known as the Crown and Anchor.

Jhandi Munda is a game that evolved to entertain and possibly gain some extra money in the isolated villages. The entertainment value, fast play and social networking, are what has kept this game so popular for so long.

Jhandi Munda can be played on the street, in land-based casino in Arunachal Pradesh or at an online casino.

How To Play Jhandi Munda

Jhandi Munda is not a complicated game. Involving a combination of luck and some skill it can provide hours of interactive or solitary fun. On the streets, it would be played amid much excitement and noise with a canvas or wooden board. However, they way you play the game online might differ.


Jhandi Munda is played with six 6-sided dice, which look a bit like ludo dice with symbols instead of numbers. The same symbols are often replicated on the gaming board. These are:

  • Club
  • Diamond
  • Spade
  • Heart
  • Flag
  • Face

Bets are placed on which symbol will appear the most when the dice are rolled. The organiser rolls the dice and results are instant and paid out according to the rules.

To win on Jhandi Munda, you need to predict how many of your selected symbol will present face-up. The more of the one you chose that land face-up, the more you win.

Game Terms

There are no particular game terms to associate with Jhandi Munda. Although some people have affectionate nicknames for their favourite dice symbol.

When your selected symbol turns up it is known as Jhandi.


While such a simple game could be considered a game of chance, some strategies could be applied. These are similar to what you would use playing roulette or blackjack online.

The concept of hot and cold numbers is one such strategy. In Jhandi Munda, a hot number is the symbol that shows up the most. Cold numbers are the symbols that appear the least.

A benefit of playing Jhandi Munda online is that these numbers, often up to 100, are displayed for your use. There’s no need to rely on memory.


In Jhandi Munda, the payouts can vary slightly as to the online casino you play at and the amount bet. Playing online significantly improves the opportunity to win larger amounts. The potential return to player for Jhandi Mundi is 97.40%! Most casinos, but not all, have adopted a progressive Jhandi Munda payout as follows:

  • With 1 Jhandi, you get placed bet money back + x1 times the original bet 
  • With 2 Jhandi, you get placed bet money back + x2 times the original bet
  • With 3 Jhandi, you get placed bet money back + x3 times the original bet
  • With 4 Jhandi, you get placed bet money back + x4 times the original bet
  • With 5 Jhandi, you get placed bet money back + x5 times the original bet
  • With 6 Jhandi, you get placed bet money back + x6 times the original bet 

Variations Of Jhandi Munda

There are not many variations of Jhandi Munda, and even with the different names, the style of play remains the same. The main variation is with the betting structure. In the most popular version, the game is played similarly to Sic Bo. Here, the payments for the most symbols turned up is as shown in the above payment structure.

Some online casinos can offer a fixed rate return of 3.4x your bet, however many symbols you have face up. One thing to note is if you want to do the maths?

You will find that the progressive payouts on Jhandi Munda average out exactly the same, at 3.4x the bet amount. It is all about your preference, but something to check in the games information.

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