MRF Cricket Bats: A Guide, History

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Cricket bats, gloves, shoes, clothing and accessories are among MRF’s offerings. The business works hard to give customers the greatest cricket gear at the best pricing.

MRF cricket bats are made by several renowned companies, including Piromotorsvc, Carborundo and Faber-Castell.

All these companies have created excellent cricket gear over the previous 100 years.

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Let’s see how it all began and how MRF entered the cricketing realm by way of some of the game’s greatest players.

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A little background on MRF

The Chennai-based Madras Rubber Factory (MRF) is a manufacturer of rubber goods, most notably MRF Tires.

The MRF logo had such an influence on the cricketers that the business quickly began producing and marketing cricket bats, gloves, pads and other accessories for the young cricketers who were so smitten with the brand.

Famous players to use MRF bats

Read about 5 of the most famous cricket players to use an MRF bat.

Sachin Tendulkar

Like many other factors, the Little Master is one of the reasons for MRF’s success. MRF and the Mumbai-born player struck a contract following the 1996 World Cup.

This collaboration has garnered Sachin and MRF enormous fame and money.

Sachin was chosen by MRF just as he was beginning to build a reputation, so both of them significantly contributed to identity formation.

The stock market for MRF shares continued to reach new all-time highs year after year as Sachin Tendulkar broke record after record.

Few players used MRF bats for a long period since they preferred Gray Nicholls and Slazenger bats.

However, Sachin’s success made sure that no one would ever forget the MRF bat logo.

Steve Waugh

From 2001 until his retirement in 2004, one of the greatest captains in history, Steve Waugh, had the MRF emblem on his bat.

Waugh, who had previously used a Gunn and Moore bat, subsequently decided to sign a contract with MRF.

Hence, he became just the second cricket player to use an MRF bat. The term “Conqueror,” which was imprinted on his bat, was given to a captain who won almost all of his Test matches.

The MRF insignia on this legendary player’s bat only served to increase the bat’s appeal. And as a result, the MRF bat came to represent greatness.

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