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Many Indians love to play Online Rummy. The game is fun and based on skill rather than luck. What’s more interesting is that Rummy is completely legal to play and there are plenty of variations of the game. 

In this guide, you will learn the basics of online rummy and the best sites to play Online Rummy for real money in India.

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What is Online Rummy?

Online Rummy is one of the most popular online card games in India. It works just like the traditional Rummy game. The only difference is that it’s played on online casinos, instead of brick and mortar casinos. 

Online Rummy is usually played by 2 to 6 players, but sometimes more. Two decks of cards (a deck of cards contains 52 cards) are used when only 2 players play. But more decks are added as other players join.

There are two major formats of the Rummy game; the 13 cards format and the 21 cards format. The game starts with each player being dealt with a number of cards according to the format being played. The objective in both formats is to make the best combinations of sets or sequences. Online Rummy is a great way to socialize with people online and it is as exciting as the traditional game.

Is it Legal to Play Online Rummy in India?

Playing Rummy online is legal in India because it’s outcome is based on skill. Furthermore, most casinos where online rummy is played are not based in India. Knowing this is very important as India has strict laws restricting gambling games in the country, but not outside the country. But we have to know how Indian law defines casino games to determine which games are legal or illegal.

According to Indian laws, prohibited gambling games are games whose results are determined by luck or chance. So, games like Online Roulette can only be played for real money on online sites not based in India. Games that are based on skills and strategy can be played free or for money without breaking the law. Therefore, you can feel at rest as you play games like Rummy. No matter where the chosen online casino is located.

Blacklisted Online Rummy Sites

Even though Rummy is safe to play online, you still have to be careful in choosing where to play. The following are rummy sites to avoid:

  • 1×2 Gaming
  • Africa Palace Casino
  • Bet The Dealer
  • Betworld Casino


Which Is the Best Site to Play Online Rummy?

There are many great Rummy sites to choose from. We have listed the best in this guide. BUt before you play for real money at any casino, always make sure it is licensed and safe.

Can I Play Rummy Online for Free?

Yes, you can. Some casinos allow you to play without making any deposit. But you can only play for fun and will not win any real money.

Is it Safe to Play Rummy Online?

Yes, it is safe to play Rummy online. Rummy is a game based more on skill than chance. The law in India does not prohibit playing games of skill. To stay safe, ensure you are playing at a licensed casino.

How Do I Cash Out my Winnings?

There are different deposit and withdrawal methods used on casino sites. Many of them make use of several withdrawal methods and wallets. Make sure you read about a casino site’s withdrawal methods before you stake.

Which is the Best Online Rummy App?

There are many Rummy apps available for downloads on the Google Playstore and Apple Store. Online sites like Ace2Three, RummyCulture, and RummyCircle have dedicated apps for Rummy.

What are the Different Variations of Rummy?

The most popular Rummy variants are Points Rummy, Raise Rummy, Deals Rummy, Paplu (Indian Rummy), and Pool Rummy.

Where Can I Play Online Rummy Without Registration?

Many casino sites will allow you to play Online Rummy without registration, such as FUN88. Visit the casinos and click on the play demo version.

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