The Greatest Left Handed Batsmen of All Time-3

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If you are a cricket fan, you must know that left-handed batsmen have been thought to play longer and score more runs.

Bowlers also might not always have the expertise to quickly cope with a player who adopts a different stance.

So, as the bowlers are taken off guard, the boundaries can be scored more frequently.

Even though Australian scientists have refuted claims that left-handed cricketers, particularly batsmen, have an inherent advantage, batting statistics show different results.

In this article, we will look at the top five greatest left-handed batsmen that cricket has ever produced.

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The best left-handed batsmen ever

5. Saeed Anwar – The Pakistani Superstar

Saeed Anwar was one of the greatest openers ever in the ODI format of the game and he was a productive left-handed batter.

Anwar, a flashy left-hander, had success in ODIs right away. Every time he came to the pitch, he was known for his impeccable placing and majestic timing.

Out of the 55 international test matches ever played, he scored a total of 4052 runs in 91 innings. In international test cricket, he scored 11 centuries and 25 half-centuries.

In addition, Saeed Anwar amassed 8824 runs in 247 ODI games during his active cricket career, with a career-best ODI score of 194.

Other Legends

Mathew Hayden, Graeme Pollock, Garry Sobers, Sanath Jayasuriya, David Warner… hundreds of other cricket players can be added to this list of legends!

The history of cricket is filled with batters who played numerous match-winning innings for their respective nations.

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