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That’s knowing your ROI or Return on Investment.

The potential earnings you can make with sports betting are theoretically unlimited.

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In sports betting, knowing your ROI and controlling expectations are essential for long-term success. Professional bettors always consider their winnings as ROI and how it would impact their earnings in the long run.

A sports bettor should not rely on miracle bets. Remember that discipline is one of the keys to achieving sustainable and realistic money is discipline.


Remember that 48% is the average ROI for sports bettors, less than you would anticipate from coin toss betting. While this will not make you rich overnight, this ROI allows you to get a long-term profit from sports betting.

Betting agencies also get a vig, a portion of the winnings, usually about 8-10%. That’s why you can observe on a match spread that bettors frequently bet odds of -110. This can be seen in any sport, including boxing betting.

If you bet $100 and lose, you’ll entirely lose the $100. On the other hand, you get $91 if you win. Even if the odds are 50/50, you must win at least 52.4% of your wager to break even. 

To do so, you should strategize and apply a disciplined and long-term method to your sports betting. To make the most out of your ROI, your goal should be to sustain a 55%-win rate over time.

If anyone offers you a win rate of 60% or higher, that’s most likely an offer that’s too good to be true. 


What is ROI in sports betting? 

In sports betting and gambling, ROI is a term that refers to the sum of returned money you get based on the amount of money you used for gambling. It is a method of quantifying the anticipated loss of profit for a bet. 

Why do bettors need to know the ROI of their bets?

Sports bettors should bet smart. One of the ways to become an intelligent bettor is to know their wagers’ ROI. Regarding sports betting, bettors must apply this strategic method to establish and utilize loss mitigation strategies and look for market inefficiencies they can make the most of.

Why do other bettors experience negative ROI on their sports bet? 

Some bettors most likely get negative ROI on their sports wager because of some factors. One includes making decisions while under the influence, being persuaded by other bettors due to peer pressure, and relying on pure luck.

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