Indian Dice – 2

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Indian Dice was one of the most popular board games in ancient India. Nowadays, it is also a popular board game that can be played online. The board game combines strategy, counting, tactics, and probability.

We will explain the most common type of Indian Dice, along with information on how you can play the board game and some winning strategies. So keep reading our guide of Indian Dice below.

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Tips on How to Win

  • To avoid being captured and being sent back to the center of the board (Charkoni), players can stay in a castle square. Castle squares are located on the 3 crosses on each arm. 
  • Players can skip the requirement of throwing an exact number with the dice in order to put back their playing pieces on the center of the board again. This can be done by waiting until the number 25 is rolled with the dice. 
  • To help a teammate who is far behind in the game, players can finish their round a second time. Doing this will help their lagging-behind teammate to catch up in the game.

History of Indian Dice

Here are some interesting facts about Indian Dice, which might not know about:

  • It’s a national game of India
  • The Indian word is “Pachisi” 
  • Founded in India around the 4th century A.D.
  • Largely popularized by the ancient Indian Sanskrit  “Mahabharata” in the year 540 to 300 B.C.
  • “Pachisi” means “twenty-five”, which refers to the number 25 in the game.


🎲 Is Indian Dice Legal?

Yes. Indian Dice is legal to play in India.

🎲 Can I Play Indian Dice Online?

Yes. You can play Indian Dice online on various online casinos. You can find a list of such casinos in this guide.

🎲 Can I Play with Real Money?

Yes. You can play Indian Dice with real money, just like any other casino game.

🎲 What is the Best Way to Learn to Play Indian Dice?

The best way to learn to play Indian Dice is to start reading our instructions on this page and then start putting them into practice. Practise makes perfect.

🎲 Can Anyone Play Indian Dice?

Yes. Anyone can play Indian Dice. The game does not have too many rules and the outcome is mostly based on luck, just like Jhandi Munda and other similar games.

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