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Online lottery has taken India by storm. It’s the perfect way to play legal lottery games wherever you are in the country.

In this article, you’ll find the best online lottery sites in India and other useful tips.

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Types Of Online Lottery Tickets

When you play lottery online, you can either buy tickets via a lottery agent or lottery betting, depending on the site you play at. A lottery site will use one or the other. In reality, it doesn’t matter which type you use.

Lottery Agent

Lottery agents are online websites which buy an official entry ticket when players buy lotteries. If you buy a Mega Millions ticket at Lottosmile, the lottery agent will buy a physical Mega Millions ticket for you. Examples of lottery sites that use lottery agents are:

  • Lotto247
  • The Lotter
  • Lottosmile 

Lottery Betting

Instead of a site buying an official ticket for you, with lottery betting, you bet on the outcome of a draw. The lottery site buys the ticket for themselves, and if your prediction is correct, you get your payout (just like when you buy a physical ticket through a lottery agent).

Almost all sites, such as Lottoland has an insurance policy that covers unexpected jackpot wins. The payout with lottery betting is the same as the original draw. The sites that use lottery betting are:

  • Lottoland
  • LottoGo
  • MultiLotto  

Online Lottery Ticket Booking in India

Booking a lottery ticket online in India is simple. You just have to follow the steps on how to buy an online lottery ticket, which I have covered on this page. 

Simply find a lottery site, sign up and deposit, choose the lottery draw, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the deposit.


Which is the Best Online Lottery in India?

I recommend FUN88 as the top contender for the best online lottery in India. 

Which Lottery has the Biggest Jackpot?

The US Powerball has the biggest jackpot, which can go up to $2.4 billion.

What is Online Lottery?

Online lottery is a number-betting game where the players buy tickets by choosing a certain set of numbers. A draw is conducted, and the payouts are given depending on the total numbers matching on your ticket.

In Which Indian States are Lottery Legal?

Lottery is legal in 13 Indian states, but you can legally play it online anywhere in India.

Do I Have to Pay Tax on Online Lottery Winnings in India?

No. Lottery winnings over ₹10,000 are subject to a flat tax rate of 30%. However, since online lottery sites are located outside India and are not recognised as legitimate businesses, you don’t have to declare or pay taxes on your winnings. 

Which is the Best Lottery in the World?

It depends on personal preferences. Powerball is the most popular and, perhaps, the best lottery game in the world.

Is Online Lottery Safe?

Yes, it is safe if you play but only on trusted lottery sites. If you, however, play at a site that only exists online and has no offline counterpart, chances are that the game is rigged. 

Are Online Lottery Games Rigged?

No, online lottery games are not rigged. Since real tickets are used, and draws are conducted officially, lotteries cannot be rigged. 

Which Lottery Game Easy to Win?

Canadian Lotto 649 is the easiest lottery game to win. 

How Do I Claim My Online Lottery Winnings?

To withdraw your online lottery winnings, simply place a withdrawal request after completing the wagering requirements. 

How Do I Check Lottery Results Online?

Lottery results are streamed live on sites such as Lottoland.

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