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The 10 Most Popular Sports In the World

Sports as a form of recreation have been around for over 3,000 years.

The Worlds most popular sports bring people together and create a sense of connectivity, peace and harmony. Just look at the way the 2012 Olympics brought a nation together.

Governments, communities, and private and public sectors support sportspeople, allowing them to access resources and improve skill levels in their sport.

Sports are popular in all countries because they are an excellent source of entertainment, enthusiasm and enjoyment for people of all ages and walks of life.

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7. Basketball

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world, with over 2.2 billion fans.

Around 450 million people play basketball in 213 countries at local, community and national levels.

The NBA is the most popular basketball franchise in the United States, and it has also gained millions of followers in other countries. The NBA generated over 32 billion video views across all platforms in 2022-2023, which is an insane amount!

Most people play basketball because it is an exciting, physically intensive and fast-paced sport, allowing young players with different skill levels to enjoy it.

It has also produced some of the world’s most Iconic athletes such as Michael Jordan and Lebron James, who are considered the 2 greatest players to have played the game.

Basketball has also become part of mainstream popular culture with brands such as Nike and Converse becoming global brands off the back of their involvement with the sport.

Basketball’s Most Famous Players

  • Michael Jordan – USA

  • Lebron James – USA

  • Larry Bird – USA

  • Magic Johnson – USA

  • Yao Ming – China

8. Rugby (Rugby Union & Rugby League)

Rugby is one of the most popular sports in the world.

It has more participants and spectators in North America, Australia and New Zealand. In fact, it is the most popular sport in New Zealand.

The rugby community is open, cooperative and supportive of new players.

Rugby has gained popularity in Japan, Uruguay, Georgia and Spain, thanks to the government’s interest in promoting this sport and providing opportunities for youngsters to participate in games at local and national levels.

Rugby has over 877 million fans in different countries.

Specifically, Rugby Union has more than 405 million fans worldwide.

Both women and men have shown a keen interest in rugby, and more and more female players have emerged in this sport.

Famous International teams include the Mythical New Zealand All-Blacks and the 2019 World Cup-winning Springboks of South Africa.

Rugby Unions Most Famous Players

  • Jonah Lomu – New Zealand

  • Jonny Wilkinson – England

  • Bryan Habana – South Africa

  • Brian O’Driscoll – Ireland

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