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Want to play Online Perfect Pairs? In this guide, you will learn how to play Perfect Pair and find the best Indian online casinos to play the game.

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What Is Online Perfect Pairs?

Online Perfect Pairs is a popular variant of Online Blackjack. Perfect Pairs is like the regular Blackjack you know, with only a slight difference. The difference is that you can make a side bet, which gives you the chance to win a large jackpot. Apart from the side bet, this casino game works just like the regular European version of Blackjack.

The game requires you to make a side bet that your first two cards will be a pair. There are only three types of pair that can give you a payout: mixed pair, coloured pair and perfect pair. 

The first thing you do is settle the aspect of the side bet. After this, you play according to the standard Blackjack rules. There could also be additional rules, depending on the casino you play at.

Perfect Pairs Rules

When you start a round of Perfect Pairs, you have to place the perfect pairs side bet alongside the main bet. The Perfect Pairs bet does not have to be the same as the regular bet, only that it cannot go lower than the minimum bet of the table. 

You are then dealt two cards and the dealer is also dealt two. Your two cards are faced up while the dealer has one faced up and one down. Winning or losing the side bet is determined by the first two cards. You win when the two cards are a matching pair.

The payout of your side bet win is determined by the type of matched pair you have. You can find a payout table further down in this guide. 

After the side bet is done with, the main game can continue with the same rules as Blackjack. You have to make any of the regular moves. Your options are to either stand, hit, double down, or split.

Perfect Pairs Strategies

While applying strategies do not guarantee wins, it helps you reduce chances of losing. It can also help to increase the chances of hitting a big payout.

Make a your perfect pair bet based on your regular bet

Measure your regular bet and decide the perfect pairs bet size. After an outcome is determined for your side bet, ensure it does not affect your regular bet. You can still make wins from the main game if you lose the side bet.

Double your bet if you hand is 11 or lower

You can double your bet whenever your hand score is 11 or lower. This will increase your chances in the base blackjack game.

Never split if you have two 10’s

When you have two 10s, don’t split. Following this can increase your chances in the base game.

Divide your budget

Divide your budget for side bets into units. You will first have to know the payouts offered by the casino you’re playing at. The strategy is to set a total budget to play with. Then, you divide the total budget into betting units, with each unit equal to the payout for a perfect pair.

Example: If you play at a casino that pays 30 to 1 payout for a perfect pair. If you’re playing at $5 per hand, keep aside $150 for the perfect pair bet. Then you play at $5 per hand on the perfect pair side bet. You stand a good chance of making a big win but if you don’t, you’ll only lose $150.


Is it Legal to Play Perfect Pairs Online in India?

Yes. Almost all online casinos that offer Perfect Pairs Online are located outside India. The Indian Gambling laws do not prohibit gambling at locations outside India. It only addresses gambling inside India.

Why is it Called Perfect Pairs?

It is called Perfect Pairs because you get the opportunity to make side bets and make wins when you get a winning pair. The highest value pair is called “Perfect Pairs”. 

What are the Odds of Getting Perfect Pairs?

The odds of getting perfect pairs in a side bet is 1/59. It could be slightly different depending on the casino.

How Much Can I Win in Perfect Pairs?

Different casinos offer different payouts. For a perfect pair, some casinos offer 25 to 1, some 30 to 1. Some very generous ones offer 35 to 1. The amounts can also vary for the coloured pairs and mixed pairs.

Can I Play Online Perfect Pairs with my Mobile?

Yes, you can play Perfect Pairs on any mobile device that supports Android or iOS. Some online casinos even have dedicated casino apps where you can play perfect pairs.

What is the Best Strategy in Online Perfect Pairs?

The best strategy is to never split when you have two 10’s.

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