The Best Virtual Cricket Betting Sites for 2023

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Boasting pixel-perfect graphics, engaging commentary and short matches (up to two minutes), virtual cricket betting will keep you entertained until the next Test, ODI, or T20 rolls around.

Our guide includes a list of the information on how virtual cricket betting works, an overview of popular betting markets for simulated matches, and much more.

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What Is Virtual Cricket Betting?

Virtual cricket betting allows you to bet on a live simulation of a cricket match between two teams. The simulated match is contested over the space of an over, or six deliveries, and lasts up to two minutes.

The simulated teams include international sides and Indian Premier League franchises. The system for the deciding the winner is the same as an ordinary cricket game where the team with the most runs claims the victory. Therefore, it is a simple process to understand and to bet on virtual cricket.

What Are the Benefits of Virtual Cricket Betting?

The benefits of virtual cricket betting start with the turnaround of games. Each game lasts only two minutes with the best virtual cricket betting sites. A normal game of cricket can last between three hours and five days, depending on the format. Therefore, there are greater opportunities to bet on virtual cricket than the live-action sport.

Bettors have the option of being able to bet on these games over a 24/7 period. Normal cricket games are set into a specific schedule, limiting the ability to capitalise on different markets, especially if you’re unable to place a bet because of other commitments.

Because of the short nature of virtual games, there will be another game taking place in a four-minute period – so don’t worry if you don’t get to place your bet in time. As a result, there are ample wagering opportunities when betting on virtual cricket.

Does Virtual Cricket Feel Authentic?

Virtual cricket betting sites offer a commentary feed on their websites and apps while you are watching the action unfold. It gives the feel of watching a live match, with experts giving their opinion as well as describing how events are occurring on the field.

Crowd and effects noise provides an authentic feel to the game as if you were watching on the television or a live stream. The top betting sites for virtual cricket also feature graphs and charts on their coverage. Cricket is a statistical sport, and no broadcast is complete without solid breakdown of the action on graphs and charts.

Betting sites cater for this demand by offering their own take on analytical coverage, aiding their customers’ choices on their vast array of betting markets.

How Does Virtual Cricket Betting Work?

Virtual cricket betting works through an online simulator, providing an authentic look and feel of a live-action game. The software differs depending on your choice of virtual cricket betting site, but the principals remain the same across the board.

The rules follow the same method of a live-action cricket game, where the goal is to score more runs than your opponent. The team with the most runs wins the contest.

The best virtual cricket betting sites provide software that looks eerily like a real-life game, along with featuring international and IPL franchises.

Rush Cricket Live

Inspired Gaming’s Rush Cricket Live, which is utilised by the best virtual cricket betting sites such as FUN88, offers the feel of a live-action game down to the colours of the shirts and even the look of the players.

The sophistication of their software highlights fine details of the sport, such as different shots from the batsmen and variations in bowling deliveries. Those attributes appeal to cricket enthusiasts, ensuring that the nuances of the great game are not lost through the virtual medium.

The software provides also offers statistical breakdowns of the two respective teams, handing the bettor useful information to use when lining up a bet on virtual cricket. It also enhances the look of the virtual game, keeping it in line with what you would normally see on a stream or television coverage of a cricket match.

How to Bet on Virtual Cricket

Betting on virtual cricket is a simple process. It is just like placing an ordinary bet on cricket or any other sport on a betting site or app. Follow our step-by-step guide to get started:


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Select a banking method and make your first deposit


Find the virtual sports section and select cricket


Select one of the upcoming matches to view the odds


Click the odds and enter how much you wish to bet


Confirm your bet and watch the two-minute match


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