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We all love IPL Betting. But it’s sometimes difficult to know where to place bets. As a result, we have compiled a list of legal sites and bonuses offered so you can easily compare and choose.

On these platforms, cricket fans can place bets on the Indian Premier League from their laptops or mobiles. With cricket being such a well-loved sport, the ability to place bets online whenever you desire has made IPL an eagerly awaited league each year.

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Tips On Choosing The Best Site For IPL Online Betting

Landing on the best online sportsbooks to bet on the Indian Premier League starts with some research. Because there are so many bookmakers online to choose from, you will find our reviews on all the best sites extremely useful, as personally recommended by our team. 

We check the different platforms and ensure they have valid licenses, an expansive sports lineup and good betting odds, fast and reliable payment methods for Indian bettors, friendly support staff, and bonus promotions to boost your betting experience. We recommend nothing but the very best sites so our Indian audience can expect the best IPL betting experience.

IPL Online Betting Options

There are plenty of betting options for the Indian Premier League. Bettors will find the standard betting options at all recognised online sportsbooks with IPL odds. There are also sportsbooks offering variations of these to give bettors more variety and choice.

Have a look at a few of the options you’re likely to find when betting on Indian Premier League matches:

  • Match Winner – predict the match winner
  • To Win the Toss – guess who wins the coin toss
  • Match Handicap – bet that a team will win by more than the given spread
  • Man of the Match – bet on who gets selected as the man of the match
  • Top Team Batsman – predict the batsman with the most runs
  • Top Team Bowler – guess the bowler with the most wickets
  • 1st Over Total Runs – bet how many runs get scored within the first over
  • Total Runs in Match – this is an over/under bet for a specified number of runs
  • Total Match Sixes – guess the sixes scored by both teams
  • Most Match Sixes – bet on which team scores more sixes
  • Fall of 1st Wicket – guess when the first wicket falls
  • A Fifty scored in the match – bet on whether anyone scores a 50 before the end of the match

Live IPL Betting

Live betting happens to be one of the most exciting betting options out there as it allows you to place bets after a match has started. Plenty of odds also come up for you to bet on, based on how the game progresses. Therefore, you no longer need to worry about missing out on a match if you didn’t place your bets beforehand.

So, sit back and enjoy streaming the game live from online bookmakers like Bet365 as you wait for new opportunities to come up.

IPL Betting Odds

Odds for bettors on the Indian Premier League are based on many different aspects of the teams and players. Bookmakers take into consideration factors such as team standings in various matches, injuries and player performance, among other elements. Visit one of our top-rated bookmaker reviews to find some of the best IPL odds in the industry.

IPL Betting App

Technology is continually moving us towards a world with more freedom, and the same applies to online betting on the IPL. Bettors can now get all the information they need about the IPL matches on their smartphones or tablets. The league even has a dedicated app that’s frequently updated to keep you informed about the latest news. 

Once you know what’s going on with your favourite teams, go ahead and pick a trusted online bookmaker such as FUN88, to view all the available markets and place your bets. The majority of reputable online bookmakers offer apps that run seamlessly on Android and iOS devices.


What is IPL betting?

IPL betting is placing wagers on different matches and odds available for the Indian Premier League.

Is IPL betting popular in India?

Yes, it is. The IPL is one of the leagues with an impressive following in India and abroad. As such, betting on it has become popular with Indian cricket fans, leading to the creation of numerous betting options and odds for you to choose from.

What is the best mobile app for IPL?

To stay updated on all information concerning the IPL, it’s advisable to download the official IPL app from their platform. The app supports Android and iOS devices. If you would like an app that allows you to make your IPL bets from your mobile device, then try out the FUN88 app, which is also compatible with iOS and Android devices.

What is the best betting site for IPL?

Choosing the best site for placing IPL bets is a matter of individual preference. Indian bettors have plenty of reputable online betting sites to choose from, each with different features. Read our detailed reviews to find the best fit for you, whenever you’re looking to bet on the IPL online.

How can I make money on IPL betting?

There are many options available to Indian bettors for placing IPL bets. Start by picking a reliable bookmaker, view their IPL offerings, and select the one you would like to place your bet on. Once that’s done, wait for the outcome to be announced, to see if your prediction was successful.

In case you’re new to IPL betting, the majority of reputable platforms have a section for helping newbie bettors get started. These tips come from experts in the IPL betting arena to help you make informed choices once you’re ready to begin betting.

What is a session in IPL betting?

IPL betting sessions refer to bets that can be placed on events occurring during a match. These sessions are short durations throughout the game, giving bettors opportunities to wager on more than just the game’s outcome. Select a platform that offers live-streaming of games to make the best use of these IPL session bets.

Where can I bet on IPL?

We’ve got numerous legal online platforms listed here where Indian bettors can wager on the IPL. These include top sites like FUN88


The IPL comes once every year, and both players, supporters and bettors look forward to the league season. Don’t get left out of the exciting action. Our list of secure online bookmakers makes it possible for you to bet on all your favourite matches from India

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